A little bit
about me...

My name is Andre Goncalves

& this is my portfolio website.

This site was created as a personal portfolio. It will be changing and expanding frequently with new projects, ideas and experiments. I hope you enjoy what what you see - feel free to shoot me a comment if you'd like.


I'm a freelance webdesigner based in the Palm Beach County - Florida. I have been in the field for over 10 years and have worked with different agencies from different parts of the country and clients from down the street and around the planet.

Although I have enjoyed working with several aspects of site development, my strength is in design and presentation. - I love to create eye catching, clean websites with contrast and vibrance, and I personally believe that, because of the way we are "wired", our perception of the world comes from what we see, long before we take the time to actually experience or understand it. In other words, your site will often capture or loose the interest of your visitors before they've even read the first sentence.

When it comes to coding, I like to go the extra mile to generate clean and concise code that will make integration and expansions simpler, speed up page loading and maintain a consistent presentation across all major browsers.

Away from the computer

When offline, I love to spend time with my beautiful wife and my super cool kids. We have all sorts of common interests from soccer, xbox, legos, soccer, biking, swimming, parks, movies, the beautiful florida beaches, and... oh, did I mention soccer?

I've been involved in music all my life in several activities from singing, playing the saxophone, managing choir and singing groups... and lately I've been trying to teach myself the keyboard.

Now, what really moves me is actually... God. Yes, God! - who is not far removed and indifferent - but it's ever present, real, and greater than I could ever explain or understand - He has transformed my life! - My faith in Jesus Christ influences everything I am and everything I do. And the more I discover about Him, the more my life finds meaning and fulfillment.


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